Inspection report

45rd 2023 Grand Prix PEPA Opava
IFBB Amateur International Competition
October 20th – 21th, 2023




The Organizing Committee of the PEPA Fitness, the City of Opava and
Mr. Stanislav Pesat take this opportunity to invite all IFBB-affiliated National Federations to participate in the 44rd edition of the GP PEPA Opava international competition to be held in Opava, Czech Republic, on October 20th – 21th, 2023.

The city of Opava is located 360 km East from Prague and 30 km from the city of Ostrava. Opava is situated at the confluence of the Silesian rivers Opava and Moravice. The earliest written record of the existence of Opava dates back to 1195, to the days when it was a crossroad of trade routes. But it was only by a decree, issued by King Přemysl I in 1224, that it received recognition as a town. Two market places were established in the centre of the town. Opava as part of the Czech crown lands became the centre of the Opava region’s princedom. In 1742, after Austria lost the war of their “inheritance” against Prussia, Opava became the capital of so-called Austria-Silesia and simultaneously the seat of the authorities that administered of the land on behalf of the rulers. In 1820 the most prominent European monarchs and diplomats of the time convened here at the “Opava Congress”.

Opava – rich in history and historic landmarks – is also an important cultural centre for the region. Since 1805 the Silesian Theatre has staged shows. The oldest museum in the Czech Republic, which is in Opava, opened its doors to the public in 1814.
Education system in Opava gained prestige in 1991 with the establishment of the Silesian
University. In fact it has become the centre of important sports events.

Venue Site

The Prejudging and Finals of the IFBB physique sports will take place at The Silesian Theatre (Slezské Divadlo) in Opava, 13 Horni namesti Str., Silesian Theater dominates the main square of the city of Opava. Silesian Theater is known worldwide as a traditional venue of the Grand Prix PEPA Opava competition.

Breda and Weinstein Business Center is a newly built shoping center.
Breda and Weinstein Business Center has a head office FITNESS PEPA.


KORUNA HOTEL – 0,1 km –
IBERIA HOTEL – 0,1 km –
HOTEL KRAMER – 0,2 km –
PANSKY MLYN – 8,5 km –                              Penzion Raketa      Penzion A CLUB
Penzion Šárka

All athletes, judges, coaches or trainers who are not official guests will be responsible for all their own expenses.

The official arrival day is Friday, October 20. After your arrival you are expected to come to the FITNESS CENTRUM PEPA in the Breda and Weinstein Business Center, 49/10 U Fortny Str, Opava. Fitness PEPA is located in front of the Koruna Hotel in the city center.

Opava is located only 30 km away from the Ostrava city. You can come from Ostrava to Opava by car, bus or train. There is also an airport in Ostrava but none in Opava. If you need to secure transport, contact the organizer.

* Men’s Bodybuilding: up to 80 kg, up to 90 kg, over 90 kg
* The first and second from each category advance to the evening super finals and financial rewards.
* Master Men’s Bodybuilding 40 – 49 years – one open category
* Master Men’s Bodybuilding 50 years & over – one open category
* Juniors Men’s Bodybuilding 16 to 23 years – one open category
* Men’s Classic Bodybuilding – one open category
* Men’s Classic Physique – one open category (go to the super finals)
* Muscular Men’s Physique – one open category
* Men’s Physique – up to 174 cm, up to 178 cm, over 178 cm
* The first, second and third from each category advance to the evening super finals and financial rewards.
* Juniors Men’s Physique – one open category                                                                                                              Masters´suniors Men’s Physique – one open category
* 3 x IFBB Elite Pro Card for the overall winner – Men´s Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’ Physique

* Women’s Bikini – up to 166 cm, up to 172 cm, over 172 cm
* The first, second and third from each category advance to the evening super finals and financial rewards.
* Masters Bikini over 35 years – one open category
* Juniors Bikini – one open category
* Women’s Bodyfitness – one open category
* Women’s Wellness – one open category (go to the super finals)
* Women’s Physique – one open category
* Women’s Fit Model – one open category (go to the super finals)
* 3 x IFBB Elite Pro Card for the overall winner – Women’s Bikini, Women’s Wellness, Bodyfitness,

The contest is open for all IFBB-affiliated National Federations. Registration of athletes will only be considered if they are nominated by their IFBB-affiliated National Federation by sending the Final Entry Forms with their names to the Organizing Committee. The number of competitors participating in these competition is unlimited.

Please be aware that it is FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATION OF THE NATIONAL FEDERATION to verify if each one of the athletes to be registered on this international event are NOT suspended or fulfilling any period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any disciplinary case at national or international level. Be also aware that if any athlete from your National Federation register and compete being suspended due to an Anti-Doping Rule Violation, both the athlete and the National Federation will be subject to sanctions according to the World Anti-Doping Code, the IFBB Anti-Doping Rules and the IFBB Constitution and Rules.
It is also the FULL OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY of your National Federation to MONITOR ALL THE ATHLETES from your country affiliated to your National Federation who are actually fulfilling a period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any Disciplinary case, to make sure these athletes WILL NOT REGISTER/COMPETE/OR PARTICIPATE IN ANY CAPACITY in any event either at National or International level, Official or Invitational.

Registration and Registartion Fee
Official Athlete Registration (weigh-in) will take place at the FITNESS PEPA in the Breda and Weinstein Business Center, on Friday, from 15:00 till 19:00.
Registration of athletes will only be considered if they are entered by the National Federation of the athlete by sending the Final Entry Form with their names directly to the promoter GP PEPA 2023. The final decision to allow an athlete to compete in this event rests with the IFBB.
It is the responsibility of the chief delegate or team leader to make sure that the athletes are on time. Any athlete who is late will not be accepted to participate.

Each official athlete participating in the competition will be required to pay the REGISTRATION FEE of EUR € 150 per person. This fee is payable to the Organizing Committee upon arrival to Opava. Juniors and Master´s pay EUR € 60 per person.
Competitors who wish to participate in other categories will be charged an additional fee of EUR €50 for each of the additional categories.
All posing music must be sent in advance in the MP3 format by email to the e-mail address: .
You can also bring your posing music on the USB memory. Each competitor must affix his/her name on the USB or put it into envelop for easy identification. The use of profane, vulgar and offensive language is strictly prohibited in the posing music.
All Athletes must wear their posing attire during weigh-in for inspection. Female competitors must also bring their shoes for inspection. Posing attire and tanning must be in accordance to IFBB rules. Any tanning which can be wiped off is not allowed.
Athletes will receive identification wristbands during registration.
Trainers or accompanying persons may buy the backstage pass for EUR € 20 per person.
Cameras and videotapes shall be strictly prohibited in the backstage area and dressing room area except when used by duly recognized press personnel and, in any event, these devices shall be STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE DRESSING ROOM AREA.

To be taken into consideration during selection of judges panels at the competition, IFBB International Judges must be included in the Final Entry Forms sent by National Federations, according to the IFBB Rules. For more information, please contact
Mr. Pawel Filleborn, Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, under address:
All international judges must bring their International Judge’s Cards to Opava.
IFBB International Judges must have a valid IFBB Judge’s Card with the IFBB yearly judges fee of EUR € 50 paid for 2023. This fee may also be paid at the Championships in the Czech Republic.


EU-country citizens do not need to obtain a visa. All other countries should consult the Czech Republic’s diplomatic missions in their countries to determine if they need a visa. Detailed information at:

An Official Letter of Invitation will be made available if required.

Time Difference – UTC + 1 (GMT) – CET winter.
Climate – During the month of November, the daily mean temperature is around 10°C.
Electrical Current – 220 Volts, 50 Hz, europlug (2 round pins) – type C.
The national currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (Koruna, abbreviated Kč or CZK). One Euro is approximately 24 CZK, but the rates can fluctuate. All major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and most of the shops.
Final Entry Form
Deadline date to send the Final Entry Form is October 18th, 2023. Please confirm the actual names of delegates and competitors and their weight/height category. Also include arrival and departure information.
Competitors will be awarded with trophies.
Overall winners will be awarded the GRAND PRIX PEPA Opava gold ring.

Please send all correspondence to:
Fitness PEPA
OC Breda ? Weinstein
U Fortny 49/10,
746 01, Opava,
Czech Republic

Available by phone:
09:00 – 20:00 – 00420 777 776-262 (mobile) Stanislav PESAT
Tentative Schedule

Friday, October 20th, 2023

15:00 – 19:00 – Athlete REGISTRATION (weigh-in) in the Fitness PEPA Breda and Weinstein Center

18:00 – Team Managers and Judges Meeting.

1/:00 – GP PEPA IFBB ELITE PRO meeting


Saturday, October 21th, 2023

09:00 – 15:00 GP PEPA Opava Semifinals and finals – Silesian Theater

16:00 – 20:00 GP PEPA Opava Finals and GP PEPA IFBB ELITE PRO – Silesian Theater

21:00 “Winners’ Evening” – Farewell Banquet for the winners, honorable guests